Besides its teaching activities, ISM conducts research and development projects in various academic areas.

It is not only science that benefits from the undertaken application-oriented research, as it also allows business experts to see how theoretical aspects can be applied in a practical environment. The direct link to areas of business activity additionally enables ISM partners to use the latest knowledge to optimize the researched fields. This provides both parties with the opportunity to make their mark and to continue to develop professionally.

Furthermore, high-quality, practically-relevant and comprehensive teaching is based on theoretical ideas complemented with knowledge gained from application-oriented research. Participation in research projects additionally teaches and encourages students to use their theoretical knowledge in a practical way. After graduating, they are faster at organizing tasks independently and efficiently than graduates from other universities. ISM academics, ISM students and ISM partners all profit from the scientific discourse.

Focus of research

According to their focus on teaching and studying, the ISM research and development projects embrace various objectives and interdisciplinary approaches. More specifically, research focuses on the following themes:

  • 球探足球比分_足球竞彩网-体育|直播ization of the economy
  • Research in energy and environmental economics
  • Research in tourism
  • Research in logistics and information
  • Research in finance and banking
  • Research in marketing and communication
  • Research in leadership and motivation
  • Research in organization and human resources

The published ISM research report shows this variety of topics in detail.

Research cooperation

Since 2011, ISM has been actively involved in the concomitant research of Innovation City Ruhr as well as in the various resulting networks and research cooperations. Concomitant research supported the potentials of municipal climate protection measures and promoted various projects for the realization of defined actions. These activities enabled ISM to attract universities, institutes and consultancy firms as new cooperation partners for further project proposals. Particularly in the area of electro-mobility, externally funded research projects are currently focusing on the charging infrastructure, local public transport and freight transport.

PhD cooperation with the Strathclyde Business School (SBS) at Strathclyde University in Glasgow and with the Newcastle Business School (NBS) at Northumbria University in Newcastle commenced in the spring of 2013. ISM has been collaborating with both universities in the field of teaching for a number of years. The cooperative supervision of PhD projects enables the joint definition of research topics which can be promoted on an international basis. This PhD cooperation additionally allows ISM to intensify its international cooperation and to meet the significantly increasing demand for doctoral research opportunities.


Counseling PhD & DBA Programs

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Vice President for Research
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Research Assistant
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