Der Weg zum Studium am der ISM

How to become a student at ISM?

You can boost your future career chances and be more than just a student with a study degree at ISM: Benefit from small learning groups, a perfect, pratice-oriented learning atmosphere, internationality and professors from the real business world. No matter if Bachelor's, Master's or MBA: ISM offers ideal programs for everyone interested in outstanding management studies.

Step 1: Get an Overview

Bachelor’s Programs start twice a year in summer term (March) and fall term (September).

Consecutive Master’s Programs start once a year in the fall term (September/October). The M.A. 球探足球比分_足球竞彩网-体育|直播 Business and the preparatory semester (Pre-Master) start in the summer term (March).

The full-time MBA program starts in September, the part-time MBA in March.

Important note: If you do not need a study visa for Germany, there is no official application deadline for you. If you must apply for a study visa the deadlines are: July 15th (for fall term) and December 15th (for summer term). Applications submitted after these dates will be considered, but at your own risk. In all cases, you are responsible for obtaining your visa and arriving on time for the start of the semester. If you do not receive your study visa on time, in certain cases we will allow starting your semester with online classes before you travel to Germany. Contact a study advisor for more information.

Step 2: Pre-Check of Eligibility

The Bachelor’s Programs are designed for applicants who have achieved general qualification for German university admission or qualification for admission to universities of applied sciences. Please contact our study advisors and provide information about your degree, transcript of records and languages you speak and we're happy to do a fast check of your eligibility to study at ISM.

In order to apply for our Master Programs, you need to have successfully completed a Bachelor's degree comprising at least 180 ECTS points or an equivalent program at a university or university of applied sciences or a foreign university of equivalent level. Depending on the program, you may also have to prove acheivement of ECTS points relating to a specific field.

For the admission to the MBA General Management, the proof of a first successful degree with 210 ECTS points from a program at a university, or of a foreign university of corresponding rank as well, is required. Furthermore, you need to have at least two to three years' professional experience after the first degree.

No matter which program you apply for, we recommend to apply as early as possible so that our admissions team has enough time to check your eligibility to study at ISM. Please contact our study advisors for further instructions.

Step 3: Registration for the Admission Test

After successfully completed the pre-check of your eligibility, you can register online for the admission test. You can always find the next two test dates on our website. For further dates, please contact our study advisors. You can apply up to one year in advance from the beginning of your program as the successfully passed admission test is valid for one year. There are one to two admission tests offered monthly in English.

The bachelor's admission test can be taken at all ISM locations as well as online and is also valid for all locations. Regarding the master's programs, it depends on the programs offered at each location whether an admission test is possible or not at your location. Also in this case, you can take the admission test online.

An early application is recommended, as we directly allocate study places. If you are not yet in Germany, you can choose having the admission test online.

Apply for an Admission Test

Step 4: Sending Your Application Documents

Step 5: Participation in the Admission Test

Apply for Admission Now

Step 6: Getting Your Results

The result of your admission process will be communicated to you usually within a few days after your interview. A positive admission result is valid for one year for all ISM locations.

Important note: Weaknesses in language knowledge or mathematics may not lead directly to a rejection of your application. In this case, you have to take some intensive courses at ISM or with external providers to reach the required level prior to the beginning of your studies. We are here to help you reach your full potential.

Step 7: Making a Decision

After successfully passing the admission test, you will receive the ISM study agreement within a few days. Please read it carefully and get in touch with us if you have any concerns or questions. After signing the study contract and transferring the deposit fee (varies by program type, see each program page), you will receive the official letter of admission needed for applying for visa.

Step 8: Visa Application

Non-EU students need an appropriate visa for entry in Germany. You need to apply at the responsible German embassy or consulate in your home country. Please apply as early as possible because it may take up to three-four months to receive your national visa in your country. The letter of admission confirms that you are officially enrolled at ISM (the entry with a tourist or visitor visa is not sufficient).

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