Achieve international double qualification

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Students at the ISM develop lingual and intercultural skills through intensive foreign language training as well as integrated foreign semesters at one of around 190 ISM partner universities and internships abroad. This international focus is reflected in all the ISM's study programs.

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have two integrated foreign semesters at one of around 190 partner universities worldwide - a compulsory one in the fourth semester and an optional one in the seventh semester (Global Track). Furthermore, they gain practical experience outside Germany during their 10 weeks internship abroad.

All consecutive master's program students spend their third semester at an ISM partner university either in Europe or further afield. The integrated twelve-week practical phase, too, can take place outside Germany if the student so wishes. Additionally, students in all the ISM's consecutive master's programs have the opportunity to graduate with an international double degree.


The ISM's MBA programs are no less international. The MBA General Management program in part-time comprises three modules abroad (in the United States, India and Hong Kong). The MBA General Management program in full-time integrates a module abroad in Spain.