Achieve a double degree during your masters at ISM

Earn an 球探足球比分_足球竞彩网-体育|直播 Double Degree

Students of all of ISM's consecutive economics master's programs have the opportunity to graduate with an international double degree / dual degree from the ISM and a partner university abroad. Having an international double master degree under your belt will not only deepen your study experience abroad, but also improve your international career options among multinational enterprises.

What does a Double Degree program mean?

If you opt for a double degree program, you will graduate with two degrees (double masters): a German master's degree and a second degree from an international partner university or institution, all while writting a single master thesis.

The following double degrees are currently available at ISM:

M.Sc. 球探足球比分_足球竞彩网-体育|直播 Management

M.A. Strategic Marketing Management

M.Sc. 球探足球比分_足球竞彩网-体育|直播 Logistics & Supply Chain Management

M.Sc. Finance

M.A. 球探足球比分_足球竞彩网-体育|直播 Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management

M.Sc. Business Intelligence & Data Science

M.A. Entrepreneurship

Karime Gervacio
球探足球比分_足球竞彩网-体育|直播 a double masters graduate from two of the most renowned universities in Europe is a chance that should be grabbed while it is given. When applying at ISM, it was clear to me that a dual degree would be the one I would like to pursue, and my decision was taken on this prerequisite. Given my specialty (Luxury Fashion Management), the opportunity to pursue an academic Double Masters Degree at ISM combined with a Parisian university was a once-in-a-lifetime chance that I couldn’t miss.

Karime Gervacio, graduate of the double masters program in ?Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management“ at ISM in Munich and INSEEC in Paris.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Double Degree Programs: